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H4 is back running / walking, subject to the social distancing and density rules. 

To see H4 Covid 19 Safety Plan click - Covid 19 Safety Plan


To book your runs for 2020-2021, contact Trail Master Scrambles - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Be aware On On  site must comply with social distancing and density rules as per current Covid requirements.

To see what dates are available, click on the link below to download a copy of Receding Hare Line (file is info only) -
Receding Hare Line as at 08-12-2020

 The Pig is Back

Pig Pen Badge2The Pigs are different from other Hash runs and they are never just a stroll through the bush.  Each of the three or four runs will have some degree of difficulty, a long steep hill, some rugged terrain or an uphill climb over fallen trees. BUT, on the plus side, there are no false trails or checks so just follow the flour and it will take you to the drink station and on to the finish.

The four runs are:-

“Pork Hunt” about 6km. A gentle walk or run for the feint hearted.

“Ham Hero”  about 9km. Something a bit more demanding for the would-be athlete.

“Iron Swine”  about 14km. A tough run for those hashers prepared to have a real go.

“Boar Breaker”  about 19km.  Over the most brutal country we can find. Any potential starters will be examined by our psychiatrist, have a small hold drilled into their head and any remaining bits of brain will be removed.


There will be three or four well set runs in some new and challenging territory, free camping, a sit down meal served on posh tables, a badge, free Covid mask, a big bonfire on Saturday night, showers (for the sweaty), and it won’t be very dear.

Further updates as we sort things out.

Prickle Doo


The H4 Butcher -
Mark Henshaw (Mark on Macquarie)

373 Macquarie Street South Hobart Ph 62235885

  For link to Google Maps showing On On info, left click or tap on run date below - the link is at bottom of new page


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