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H4 History V2

Hobart Hash House Harriers

In the beginning (first year)

I967 Fred “Godsfather” Whitaker and Christopher “Lord” Eden organised the formation of our hash club essentially to provide a social summer fitness club based around their Harlequin rugby mates. Fred had previously hashed in Asia as did his fellow inaugural joint master Chris.

2 October 1967 Graham “Barrell” Farrell and Fred “Godsfather” Whitaker set the first Hobart Hash House Harriers run at Ridgeway. Those legends who participated were Fred Whittaker, Chris Eden, Tony South, John Williams, Graeme Farrell, Rex Tongue, Paddy & Frank Montgomery, Jim Parker, Mike Collins, Ian Wright, Bob Benda, Dennis Blyth, Derrick Cordwell, Michael Harris, Kevin Bint, Bernard Boot & Andy Conway.

Runs were only held in daylight saving period at 6pm. The paper trail wasn’t marked with checks, the trail just stopped and the hounds had to find the new trail

Run Fees $1 per run and $1 annual subscription

Hash tucker consisted of two viennas per hasher cooked slowly in a metho cooker

Hash brew consisted of Cascade beer 26oz longnecks and ginger beer mixed 2:1 in a hash bucket.

First Decade 1967-1977

1970 first Hash badge made for 50 runs (black felt with yellow plastic numbers)

1972/3 first professionally printed H4 T shirt organised by Trembles

Viennas were eventually replaced by real meat and exotic fare like slice and fry and a BBQ was obtained to cook on

Some Sunday morning hash runs were introduced once a month initially

H4 commenced holding annual dinners with many of the early dinners at the Lewisham Tavern and Trembles co-ordinated the making of the first hash trophies by Gary “Lostwaite” Braithwaite and others.

Chris “Joey” Harper rolled his car on Back Tea Tree Rd on his way to the Cambridge Hotel for more beers after a hash run. Max “Grandfather” Dart saw the lights of Joey’s car which was resting on its roof, and thought Joey’s car was heading towards him, swerved to miss and rolled his car. Both cars ended up side by side. That same night Mark Hill lost a wheel off his car near Cambridge on his way to the pub.

In the 1969/70 era eggs and bacon suppers were frequently held after hash at “Slim Jim” Parker’s Lindisfarne house often finishing at 2am before we drove home pissed.

1976 Rick “Roo” Southee and Ted “Lawman” Sikk set a marathon run from Phil “Thrill” Turner’s house in Flagstaff Gully up over Rocky Tom and down Stringy Bark Creek to the Cambridge Hotel and back. The first runners were back in two hours, the stragglers in 3 ½ hours and some much later. Eddy Turner (Thrill’s father) brought two hounds back to the On On site by car at 0130 hours including the Lord. The hares copped much abuse and the run which is still talked about today, is legendary.  

At the Hilton Road Timberyard, Trembles had a celebratory run and ended up being hung from a gantry with mongrels throwing piss and sauce at him. The boys were liquored up and bitch fighting broke out between Argue & Biddy, Chappy & Porno, “A” Green & Gut and Chuck Chunder and everyone. It was one of H4’s wildest nights.

Second Decade 1978-1987

1978 Ron “Flush” Turnor and Gilbert “Trembles” Leitch attended the inaugural Interhash in Hong Kong with 900 international hashers

1978 Michael “Maddog” Bowerman formed Hash House Syndicate and later on other H4 syndicates to race thoroughbreds like False Trail, Joint Masters, Hash Brew, Monday Eve, Bonus Halo etc

1978 Robert “Biddy” Badenach & Dale Monro set a run at Native Corners where 8 hashers got lost and didn’t return until 11.30pm

1979 Commenced fortnightly winter runs at 6pm

1980 Bruce “Whale” Wilkinson & Jack “Shonky” Longden organised the first topless waitresses at our 400th run. Maurie “Greek God” Clarkson attended this run as his first run, overindulged, spilt the groceries and his wife locked him in the bathroom for the night. The only way he could keep warm was to sit in the bath and fill it with hot water.

SHAG (Sunday hash action group) were formed to agitate for regular winter runs with the JM’s finally agreeing to allow runs every Monday night in 1981

1980 Interhash was held at Kuala Lumpur with about 16 H4 hashers attending and Maddog, Lord and others, putting Hobart forward as an interhash venue

1981 Commenced weekly Monday night runs; summer 6.30pm--winter 6pm

1982 Maddog, Easy Rider and others formed H5. This club was formed following a great debate and a plebiscite was held on whether women should be able to joint H4 (only two in favour of women, Easy & Trembles). There was also upward pressure on the numbers of males wanting to join H4.

1982 Biddy and Smiler formed Partridge Island Hash on the Hobart show weekend

1982 The 500th run was held on Bruny Island. There was a ferry trip to Barnes Bay for the run with the On-On held on the Derwent Explorer with exotic entertainment from Melbourne. Hash cash Sheepshead lost the chequebook and was about to call in the Police to prevent the stripper from getting on the plane to return to Melbourne. Shame Sheeps Shame. Carrington won the raffle on the 500th run which was a blow up doll that made regular H4 appearances.

The Assassins Club was active in creaming run achievers and other mongrels

Annual meetings were held at the Good Woman Inn where the members attempted in vain to tell the incoming mismanagement how to run the club

The 1982 Interhash was held at Jakarta, with sadly no H4 members attending

The “Shithead of the night” was instigated to award to a person who disgraced themselves on the night. The award, a toilet seat, was worn around their neck, was often awarded to Poonce for his abuse of fellow hashers during the run.

Intrahash runs commenced in the mid eighties and were held usually in the Midlands area with hashers from the Triabunna, Hobart, Launceston and the North West Coast attending.

The 1984 Interhash was held at Sydney with a big contingent from Tassie

That mongrel “Chuck Chunder” spews on the brand new carpet at the DSS

Max “Grandfather” Dart was the first H4 hasher to achieve 500 runs

The 1986 Interhash was held at Pattaya Thailand

Elson “Sailmaker” Kiddle went to the Admirals Cup to sail on Intrigue with some H4 money to enable the crew to have a quiet little drink on H4

20th anniversary run at Kingston where the legendary Monique entertained us. A reluctant Jules won the raffle on three occasions before disappearing in the cake with Monique

THAG (Traditional hash action group) were formed to agitate for 6.30 start times in winter and other nonsense

Third Decade 1988-1997

1988 Interhash was held at Bali with the largest travelling group to date from H4. The hotel where H4 members stayed burnt down shortly after they left

November 1988 21st Anniversay Run Sorell with founders “Godsfather” & “Lord” in attendance

1990 Interhash was named “Thriller in Manila”

1990 H4 involved in inaugural Brewery to Brewery Run and every run since

Hash contingent including Shonky, Boomer, Trapdaw, Trembles, Sir John, Paddy, Banger did the Overland Track

H4 conducted and participated in charity events like Brewery to Brewery run for the RHH, the 48 hour relay, Budget fun run for the RHH, Camp Quality, Headway and the Bream Creek Show.

1991 Aussie Nash Hash in Launceston had a good contingent from H4

1991 Crusha set a run from Warrane and the crew of the Missouri attended. The Quartermaster couldn’t handle the Meehan Ranges and wanted to be left to die, so DB2 & Musicman had to man-handle him back to Warrane.

Jan 1992 1000th run at Richmond with about 350 attending. The celebrations also included;

999th run at Ridgeway followed by a dinner at the Elwick Race course;

Recovery run at Runnymede where the Spring Bay hasher excelled;

Monday night A to B run from Downhams Hill to Strathayr with many piss stops conducted by lovely young drink waitresses organised by headmaster Musicman and Scrambles

1992 Interhash held at Phuket Thailand

November 1992    25th Anniversary run Quarantine Bruny Island - Hares Gut & Lostwaite

Members of H4 assist in the conduct of the Point to Pinnacle event for Poonce and Easy

1994 Maddog and others, who had been putting Tasmania forward as an interhash destination since the first KL Interhash, commenced bidding for Interhash 2000 in Tasmania at the Rotorua Interhash

1995 Ross “Atlas” Thomas & Peter “Hi-Ho” Davey started Full Moon Hash

1995 We were represented at Pan American hash and UK Nash Hash to bid for Interhash

1995 JM’s Poonce & Big G had Beerwagon Trudy constructed.

1995 Pan Asia Hash at Kuching was attended by members of H4 to bid for Interhash where they distributed 1000 Tassie apples.

1996 Interhash held at Cyprus with good attendance from H4

Hash weekend was organised at Swansea staying with Clyde “Gurka” Olbery at Meredith House. Bandit Hash now conducts east coast weekend runs

1997 We were represented in Trinidad at Pan America Hash to bid for Interhash

27 January 1997 Jack “Shonky” Longden became first H4 member to reach 1000 runs

1997 Pan Asia Hash in Jakarta and Pan Indo Hash at Jogjakarta attended by members of H4 to bid for Interhash

2 October 1997 Gilbert “Trembles” Leitch 1000th run

6 October 1997 30th Anniversary run at Ham Common

In the nineties Poonce produced a hashers fitness assessment for the annual report outlining his thoughts on every runner. The Poonce was very harsh on anyone he did not consider “A” grade, with the exception on DB2 who was constantly over rated. DB2 must have known something about Poonce that Poonce did not want his Glenorchy electorate to know. In recent years Mucous Boy has taken over and is just as scathing.

Fourth Decade 1998-2007

1998 At Kuala Lumpur Interhash, Tasmania successfully bid, with 95% of the vote, to hold Interhash in Hobart in 2000

1998 Represented at Hong Kong for “Sunset” celebrations

18 May 1998 Christopher “Lord” Eden 1000th run

1998 Dennis “Brutus” Ransley, Graham “Big G” Petterd, Robert “Squizzy” Taylor, Paul “Pee Wee” Green and others conceived Davey St Hash as a midweek (elitist men only) running group.

4 January 1999 Richard “Dickhead” Hughes 1000th run

January 1999 Dennis “Brutus” Ransley, Graham “Big G” Petterd, Robert “Squizzy” Taylor, Paul “Pee Wee” Green and others gave birth to Chardonnay Hash at the Globe Hotel for hashers and harriets.

8 February 1999 Geoff “DB2” Thomas 1000th run

29 March 1999 Paul “Pee Wee” Green 1000th run

18 October 1999 Kevin “Kiwi” Collins 1000th run

1999 Represented at Pan Asia Hash at Perth

5 November 1999 Geoff “Creesey” Creese 1000th run

1999 Peter “Cuddles” Green, Shonky, Geoff “Creesey” Creese and others form the Hashbeens Hash and conducted the inaugural dinner at Howrah. The Hashbeens survive today as the fastest growing group in H4 with their motto “we will get you all in the end”.

15 November 1999 Gavin “Boomer” Graham 1000th run

6 December 1999 Robert “Biddy” Badenach 1000th run

Feb 2000 a serious road accident at Midlands involving some of the Interhash organising committee put many of the passengers in hospital and consequently unable to enjoy the fruits of their labour at Interhash.

February 2000 - Interhash was held in Hobart based at the Derwent Entertainment Centre, had 3,850 attending hashers who spent $10million and attended the following events;

23 Interhash runs both Saturday and Sunday

Red Dress Run 1500 participants and over $20,000 raised for charity

Harem Hash at the RYCT

Cascade Brewery Hash run

Port Arthur Hash Run

Dodges Ferry Hash Run

Deep Hole Southport Hash run

25 Rotary Clubs were employed by Interhash to provide run site food to the hashers. This resulted in Rotary distributing about $50,000 to charitable causes throughout southern Tasmania

Music Boy was named after his old man and his musicianship. However at Interhash he was seen drooling over a number of harriets and didn’t go home for two days really worrying his parents. As a consequence Mono renamed him Mucous Boy

Interhash made Mono and Wags legends after setting the first nude run. On top of that Mono mounted the stage for a performance of the twirler and the sprinkler.

July 2000 1500th run at the Royal Showgrounds

June 2000 Superstars formed by Panther, Big G, DBII and Lord plus others on the fantasy that they were still raging, still running and still rooting.

18 September 2000 Ken “Dicky” Bird 1000th run

9 October 2000 Craig “Sheepshead” Gathercole 1000th run

23 October 2000 Wayne “Argue” Quarrell 1000th run

2001 Interhash 2000 won Tourism Tasmania’s Best Major Event Award 2000 and was runner up to Sydney Olympics in the National Tourism Awards

2001 Interhash 2000 won Tasmanian and Australian Marketing Institute Award for best marketed event in the leisure and travel section.

2001 Interhash caterer Wood & Baillie won the “best caterer” for Interhash in the 2000 AHA awards

28 May 2001 Ken “Smiler” Burridge 1000th run

6 August 2002 Ken “Banger” Dann 1000th run

14 January 2002 Chris “Fuggles” Fuglsang 1000th run

21 January 2002 Gary “Lostwaite” Braithwaite 1000th run

3 June 2002 Dennis “Scrambles” Ransley 1000th run

2002 35th Anniversary run at Ridgeway

Interhash 2002 was held at Goa India with good Tassy representation

12 May 2003 Steve “Musicman” Mannering 1000th run

15 December 2003 Robert “Gut” Windsor 1000th run

2003 David “Bullshit” Innes introduced “the gauntlet” for skolling

Interhash 2004 was held at Cardiff Wales

28 June 2004 Paul “Chappy” Chapman 1000th run

10th August 2004 H4 was incorporated by Biddy, after being directed by gun loader, JM Squizzy, with ownership shifting from Shonky to the new public officer.

1 November 2004 Wayne “Arn Arn” Dyas 1000th run

14 April 2005 Nick "Sir John" Tall 1000th run

17 December 2005 Hayden "Poonce" Nielsen 1000th run

Interhash 2006 was held at Chieng Mai Thailand. A unique opening ceremony saw the organising committee arrive on fully decked out elephants. The closing ceremony saw over three thousand lanterns with candlelight, float into the heavens.

2006 Trudy was converted to a can, bottle & BBQ wagon

5/3/2007    Chris “Jules” Jones   1000th run

31/3/2007   Jack “Shonky” Longden 1500th run

8/7/ 2007   Geoff “Babylon “ Cook ends his longest consecutive run attendance of 650 runs

23/7/2007  Gilbert “Trembles” Leitch 1500th run

24/9/2007  Graham “Big G’ Petterd 1000th run

Fifth Decade 2007 – 2017

2/10 2007   40th anniversary run Cascade Brewery hares Musicman & Trembles. Monday night’s run was from Woodstock at Cascade Brewery and the Tuesday nights (anniversary) run was from the Ridgeway sacred site.

Easter 2008     Interhash Perth was well attended by H4 and we were regularly reminded by interstate and international hashers what a great event Interhash 2000 was.

23/6/2008  Peter “Panther” Hall 1000th run

7/7/2008    Robert “Spider” Webb 1000th run

Jan 2009     2000th run Lea scout Camp hares Spoof & Ferret set a marathon and Fuggles & Spotless did the catering.

31/1/2009   Geoff “Babylon” Cook 1000th run

2/3/2009    Geoff “DB2” Thomas 1500th run

21/3/2009   Michael “Maddog” Bowerman 1000th run

8/5/2009     1000 run achiever and great gun loader Kevin “Kiwi’ Collins joins Cloud 9 Hash

23/5/2009  Alan “Ëasy” Rider 1000th run

1/6/2009     Roger “Portholes” Portlock 1000th run

3/8/2009    Wayne “Ärgue” Quarrell 1500th run

22/2/2010   Robert “Biddy” Badenach 1500th run

2010     Interhash   Kuching

11/10/2010  Ken “Dicky “ Bird 1500th run

25/10/2010   2100th run Lucaston. Porksword & Spoof set the run and Liz Sawdy did a magnificent catering job.

13/12/2010  Gavin “Boomer” Graham 1500th run

Feb 2011 Nash Hash was conducted in Hobart from Elizabeth St Pier Hobart. Under the chairmanship of H5 member Grizzly, this event was probably was the biggest and best Nash hash ever. H4 members contributed in various ways including run setting.

14/2/ 2011 Craig “Sheeps” Gathercole 1500th run

6/7/2011 Co-founder Chris “Lord” Eden joined Cloud 9 Hash. Lord made a good contribution to H4 with his crowning glory being the organizing a successful Interhash 2000. He was vice president of the organising committee.

20/2/2012   Paul “PeeWee” Green   1500th run

20/2/2012   Ken “Banger” Dann 1500th run

14/5/2012   Peter “Uncle Cuddles” Green 1000th run

2012  Interhash Borobudur

30/7/12  2200th run at the DSS with hares Paul “Smallgoods” Wignal & Alan “Easy” Rider

13/5/13   1000runs Alan “Hairdresser” Pearsall

22/7/13 1500 runs Chris “Fuggles” Fuglsang

9/12/13   1500 runs Dennis “Scrambles” Ransley

2014 Interhash Hainan Island China

12/5/14 2300th run at the DSS with hares Trembles and Paper Boy

17/2/15 1500 runs Stephen "Musicman" Mannering

31/8/2015 1000 runs Wayne "Crusher" Hall

7/3/2016 1500 runs Wayne “Arn Arn” Dyas

14/4/2017 1000 runs Ross "Mucous Boy" Mannering


Hall of Fame and Hash Legends


 Fred Whittaker and Chris Eden for initiating the formation of H4

Graham “Barrell” Farrell & Fred for setting first hash run in Australia

Shonky for his tireless efforts organising the beer, towing Trudy, organising the Hashbeen’s dinners and generally running the club. He also spent vast sums of money buying pubs like the Good Woman Inn and the Ocean Child to use as hash HQ. In recent years Argue has born much of the tugging.

Ian “Ferrett” Rathbone for constructing and maintaining the H4 web site h4.org.au. For Dickybird for continuing to operate the website since 2014

Phil “Thrill” Turner for arranging the original H4 letterhead with the bald man and tree. Easy for organising a graphic designer to do the hares and hounds H4 shield.

Ian “Booky” Winter for being the inaugural Melbourne Cup hash bookmaker and “A” Green, Poonce and Trembles for continuing the role

Maddog for initiating Interhash bidding

Bruce “Bruiser” Felmingham, the owner of Straight Arse the hash dog, was an early On Sec who wrote fantasies in the hash trash. In those days hash trashes were exchanged with other international hash clubs and often Bruisers fantasies were reprinted around the known hash world.  

Biddy for instigating and co-ordinating charity runs, the Bream Creek Show run, the Burnthill (Bream Creek) runs, the Wednesday Walkers and for being the H4 canary.

Trembles for Hash cartoons

Erra’s for always entertaining us and the topless waitresses he organised for his winter hash runs

Chappy for assisting in the preparation of many annual reports and camera action

Continuous run attendance -
Bob “Spider” Webb did 167 runs = 3 years without missing a run.
Christopher “Lord” Eden for holding at the time, what we believed to be the longest continuous run attendance at any hash club in the world (about 262runs = five years straight).
Geoff “Tarzan”, “Babylon”, “Lantern” Cook attended for about 12 years without missing a run (about 650 runs).

H4 Interhash Organising Committee members Scrambles, Easy, Lord, Trembles, Spoof, Two Aces, Safcol, Musicman, Banger, DB2, Argue, Pee Wee, Smiler, Poonce, Woodstock

Interhash Sub Committees who organised the runs, goodies bags, post and pre lubes, entertainment, beverages, food, registrations etc, etc, etc

Interhash Run setters and their assistants including pre and post Interhash events including the Red Dress Run, Port Arthur Run,           Dodges Ferry Run and the Deep Hole Run

Fuggles & Jules for providing the hash meat and salads

Lord for hash law

Crusha and Herr Flick for obtaining hash brides at Interhash

Sheeps for being the public face of H4 at the Watch Repair shop, obtaining run tankards and his hash photography

Interhash bus crash victims for their sacrifices and for the guts and determination they displayed

“A” Green and Banger for being the club’s historians

Mono for his Tassie Twirler and Sprinker cabaret act at Interhash 2000

Poonce & Big G for organising “Trudy” the H4 beer & BBQ trailer

Waggs, Mono & Clutch for their legendary Interhash nude run

Uncles Cuddles, Shonky, Trembles and others doing the hard work keeping the Hashbeens functioning.

Jules for being the H4 stud, being Monique’s toyboy, the 21st anniversary run stud at Sorell, the Manila heartbreaker where Roma became “in foal”, and for being Joany’s boy.  

Panther, Big G, Prickledoo, DB2 and other deluded souls for their efforts with the H4 Superstars

Ralph Stuart for drawing derrick birds in earlier years which featured regularly in hash trash and annual reports

Spreading the word


Maddog & Easy for starting H5

Atlas & Hi-Ho for starting Full Moon Hash

Brutus, Big G, Squizzy, Pee Wee etc for starting Chardonnay Hash

Cuddles, Creesy & Shonky for starting the Hashbeens

Panther & Big G and others for starting the Superstars Hash

Biddy & Smiler for starting Partridge Island Hash

Mono, Waggs & Clutch for starting Bandit Hash

Farmer Vaughan, Alan Tyler, Doug Mclean, Ozzie Owens and others for starting Mini Hash

Shonky, Grandfather and others for starting Saturday Hash

Two Aces, Musicman and others for starting Snake Island Hash

Shonky and others for Bike Hash

1000 runs achievers


Jack “Shonky” Longden, Gilbert “Trembles” Leitch, Chris “Lord” Eden, Richard “Dickhead” Hughes, Geoff “DB2” Thomas, Paul “Pee Wee” Green, Kevin “Kiwi” Collins, Geoff “Creesey” Creese, Gavin “Boomer” Graham, Robert “Biddy” Badenach, Ken “Dicky Knees” Bird, Craig “Sheepshead” Gathercole, Wayne “Argue” Quarrell, Ken “Smiler” Burridge, Ken “Banger” Dann, Chris “Fuggles” Fuglsang, Gary “Lostwaite” Braithwaite, Dennis “Scrambles” Ransley, Steven “Musicman” Mannering, Robert “Gut” Windsor, Paul “Chappy” Chapman, Haydyn “Poonce” Nielsen, Wayne “Arn Arn” Dyas, Nick “Sir John” Tall, Chris “Jules” Jones, Graham “Big G” Petterd Alan Ëasy” Rider, Bob “Spider” Webb, Peter “Panther” Hall, Peter “Cuddles” Green, Geoff “Lantern” Cook, Michael “Maddog” Bowerman, Alan “Hairdresser” Pearsall, Wayne "Crusher" Hall, Ross "Mucous Boy" Mannering


1500 runs achievers


Shonky, Trembles, DB2, Argue, Biddy, Dickybird, Boomer, Sheeps, Pee Wee, Banger, Fuggles, Scrambles,  Musicman, Arn Arn


2000 runs achievers


Trembles, Shonky, Argue, DB2



Cloud Nine Hash

Tudor Bostock, Roger Boss-Walker, Dale “Chipper” Chapman, Kevin “Kiwi” Collins, Peter “Rocks” Collins, Max ‘Grandfather” Dart, Terence "Trapdaw" Daw, Chris “The Lord” Eden*, Malcolm Fife, Andrew “A” Green, Bruce “Gunna” Greenhill, Peter "Panther" Hall, Mark Hill, Tony (George) "Variable" Jaques, Bill “Rebore“ Keady, Elson 'Sailmaker' Kiddle, Rod Lewis,  Martin Longdon, Paddy Montgomery, Bernie Mortley, Gerry “Noisy” Nolan, Clive “Gurkha” Olbery, Jim “Slim Jim” Parker, Alan "Hairdresser" Pearsell, Nigel “Thunder” Plumbridge, Alan 'Easy' Rider, John 'Robbo' Robertson, Rick “Roo” Southee, Ian “DBI” Thomas, Geoff "Burly Thurley" Thurley, Ron “Flush” Turnor, Dave “Derro” Walters, Pete “Cat Gut” Windsor, Ian “Bookie” Winter,

* Co-founder H4


Angus                      Owner - Lance "Dog Shit" Schutt
Straight Arse         Owner - Bruce "Bruiser" Felmingham 
Ralph                       Owner - Gavin "Boomer" Graham
Maverick                 Owner - Roger "Portholes" Portlock

Hall of Shame


Superstars for claiming they are still running, rooting & raging which is a complete fabrication.

Lovechild for stuffing up the Dodges Ferry post Interhash run and having a manic desire to set marathons

Alan “Easy” Rider for a whole host of efforts like;
pissing off to Melbourne after being appointed joint master in 1974,
failing to pay annual subs and expecting uncle Max to pay for them,
putting Max’s ashes in some hash sausages he cooked for the “scattering of the ashes” run at Opossum Bay,
constantly pissing on the hash fires enveloping hashers in foul air,
claiming he was taken by aliens and having his body juices sucked from him before being returned to the On-On at Kellevie in 2007 &
attempting to run from Sydney to Melbourne without wearing a hash T shirt

Richard (Dickhead) Hughes for attempting to set a hash run on a five acre block, blaming H4 when he was breathalysed on a Monday night and for being Hughesy

Dennis “Brutus” Ransley for his “blood on the floor” Interhash take-over and for cancelling Henry “IXL” Jones’s Sunday Broadmarsh Interhash run.

To Robert “Squizzy” Taylor and Robert “Biddy” Badenach for incorporating H4 against the wishes of H4’s managing director Shonky

That mongrel Poonce for his habit of getting up hills first, turning around and abusing shit out of fellow hashers, ripping off the boys with his bookmaking activities, writing highly inflammatory remarks about each hashers running abilities in the annual report and organising athletic events and making hashers do all the work to make him look good. He also started his hashers running assessments which he published in the annual report. Poonce continued to be harsh in his assessments to anyone other than “A” graders. However DB2 continued to receive assessments above his ability which leads us to believe DB2 knows something about Poonce that Poonce doesn’t want Glenorchy voters to know about. Shame Poonce Shame.


This is a living history and can be added to by contacting Gilbert “Trembles” Leitch 6223 5950 H, or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.